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Circul8 Home of Circular Economy Efficiency

Circul8® is a comprehensive software suite to facilitate Circular Economy operations and to manage extended producer responsibility (EPR) obligations. It is modularly built to support different user groups, ranging from producers, compliance schemes and authorities to single carriers, recyclers, and their different tasks.

Circul8 accommodates various market requirements and grows with the needs of clients and users.


Explore, how Circul8 serves as backbone for each step in circular economy business models:

  • Collection Logistics

  • Compliance Scheme
    and Producer Management

  • EPR Data

Collection Logistics Management

Return, take-back, or circular material flows require efficient management of operational chains, accurate tracking of end-to-end material flows, and transparency of all related transactions across all material types and regions.

Circul8® integrates relevant stakeholders and facilitates real-time information exchange while safely handling each collection request from initiation to invoice. Features include:

  • Collection order management for businesses or consumers, with or without registration/authentication, or via electronic interface.
  • Management of reverse chain suppliers based on individual workflows as well as routing and pricing logic.
  • End-to-end stakeholder messaging services, fulfillment reporting, and document management.
  • Mass flow and evidence notes management.
  • Various reporting options.
  • Sales and purchase invoice documents.

Circul8® comes by default in responsive design, works independently from any enterprise resource planning system, and provides industry-standard application interfaces to common up and downstream systems. This allows a quick rollout of solutions which grow with its challenges, even in fast-paced or complex environments.

About Us

Landbell Software, S.A. is the IT services provider for the Circular Economy.

Founded in 2003, Landbell Software (previously: Prodigentia) provides software solutions that offer a more effective way of handling environmental compliance, mass flow, and reverse logistics management activities. Our portfolio includes solutions for compliance schemes / PRO’s, producers / importers, regulators, authorities as well as logistics or recycling service providers. At Landbell Software, we know how to transform complexity into simplicity. Our suite of digital solutions is based on long-established expertise in managing international collection logistics operations and material streams for producers, compliance schemes and field operators. As a result, we offer a comprehensive solution which can easily be configured according to different requirements of our international customers and partners.

We are based in Lisbon, part of an international Group and passionate about Global challenges. We are active in more than 20 countries across Europe, as well as in Africa, North and South America & Middle East.

Circular Economy & Circul8

Digitization, regulations, resource scarcity, circularity: The future is already here. What once started as regional or local issues or initiatives, turned into a global challenge a long time since. A single product put on the market requires hundreds, if not thousands, of obligations to be met when being sold on international scale. This is a challenge for the good, as it helps protecting our globe and its resources. However, its increasing complexity is impossible to be managed without next-level knowledge, processes, services and: Software.

The Landbell Circul8 suite helps all players in the Circular Economy to comply with current requirements and to be ready for future needs.

Circul8 covers all aspects of Circular Economy operations and manages Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) obligations. It is built to support various user groups, ranging from producers, compliance schemes and authorities to carriers and logistics / recycling partners. Circul8 accommodates various regulatory and market requirements and grows with the needs of customers and users.

Circul8 recognizes that each circular economy participant has their individual needs and provides direct access to relevant information. Dynamic changes in the collection or supplier network can be smoothly managed. Operations managers are perfectly equipped to manage all activities and to monitor KPIs of their collection system. Circul8 connects with third-party tools, such as mobile apps, sensors, scales, shopfloor utilities and surrounding IT systems. Circul8 leverages available data to continuously optimize the Circular Economy.

Circul8 is the only comprehensive Circular Economy Software suite that can be used instantly, independently from any Enterprise Resource Planning System.


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